Feedback given by parents

Below are just a few of the many comments from parents of the children that Jill has worked with.

“Jill was fantastic with my daughter. She can be shy but Jill was patient and she soon came out of her shell. Within a week we saw a huge difference and with a little homework within a few sessions she had the confidence to start school (and mummy’s mind was at peace with people being able to understand her). She does miss the rainbow bead necklace though! Thanks from the bottom of our hearts.”

“Our son had delayed speech and despite being told by many that he would be fine and was just a late developer it was clear to us that without intervention he would struggle long term as he fell behind his peers.

Her kindness and patience helped build a relationship with our son to get the best out of a boy that finds it very difficult to concentrate- her actions seemed very much like a “horse whisperer!” Jill’s early intervention helped improve not only our son’s speech but also his behaviour. We cannot recommend her highly enough.”

“When I first asked Jill for some help with my son’s speech she told me that she thought she could rectify the problem with one of his speech sounds in 4 or 5 sessions. I was very sceptical but she totally proved me wrong and after only a handful of sessions, she achieved something that he had been working on with the NHS for over 4 years!

I am so pleased I contacted Jill she is so warm and friendly and my son instantly took to her. She keeps every session different so he never got bored. Thanks to Jill he has recently been discharged from NHS SALT which is something that I could never have imagined a few months ago. His confidence has improved greatly which has been noticed by his family and also his teachers. Thank you Jill.”

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