Keep interacting with your speech therapist with teletherapy!

The Coronavirus has made it difficult to see clients face to face at the moment.

I am now able to offer teletherapy sessions which can be as fun and interactive as our more traditional sessions. If you have a tablet device or preferably a laptop/desktop computer with a webcam then we’re all set!

Teletherapy is offered through the ‘Zoom’ video platform. ‘Zoom’ is GDPR compliant and uses an additional password protection for you to be able to access sessions. Sessions for children will need you to be present throughout to help them engage in some of the shared screen activities.

Therapy is still very much tailor-made to your child and combines the activities in the session with practice activities/advice for home between sessions.

Sessions are usually 30 minutes but can be extended to 45 minutes or 60 minutes for older children if suitable.

Contact Jill to find out more about how teletherapy services can be useful to you